Bulldog Racing and MINI John Cooper Works Gear Up for Intense Competition at the 24 Hours Nürburgring.

Bulldog Racing, in collaboration with MINI John Cooper Works, is preparing for an exhilarating race at the legendary 24 Hours Nürburgring, taking place from June 1st to June 2nd 2024.

Nürburg. The 52nd edition of the 24 Hours Nürburgring, renowned as one of the most demanding endurance races in the world, will challenge the limits of both man and machine on the iconic Nürburgring. Spanning 25.378 km, the world’s longest racetrack is a combination of the Nordschleife and Grand Prix circuit. This year, 130 vehicles across 23 different classes and over 450 drivers from three dozen nations will compete.

John Cooper Works, with its rich motorsport heritage, presents a formidable lineup of racecars for this year’s competition. The adrenaline-fueled MINI John Cooper Works PRO #317 and the precision-engineered MINI John Cooper Works #474 are crafted in Oxford, UK, and meticulously enhanced by Bulldog Racing in Nürburg to deliver exceptional performance and reliability on the racetrack.

The MINI John Cooper Works PRO, with starting number 317, is based on the new MINI John Cooper Works. This model debuts at the Nürburgring ahead of its world premiere in fall 2024 and is camouflaged in a red and white motorsport livery. Drivers for the MINI John Cooper Works PRO (#317), competing in the SP3T class, include:

Charlie Cooper (GBR)

Markus Fischer (AUT)

Christoph Kragenings (GER)

Sebastian Sauerbrei (GER)

The MINI John Cooper Works, with starting number 474, is the only car equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission in this year’s race. Drivers for the MINI John Cooper Works (#474), competing in the VT2-FWD class, include:

Michael Bräutigam (GER)

Andreas Hilgers (GER)

Sascha Korte (GER)

Marco Zabel (GER)

Building on last year’s success, Bulldog Racing has once again chosen Pirelli as their tire supplier for both slick and rain tires to ensure optimal performance in varying weather conditions. Pirelli tires are selected for their superior grip and durability, providing the necessary traction and reliability required for the grueling 24-hour race.

As anticipation builds for the 24 Hours Nürburgring, Bulldog Racing and John Cooper Works remain focused on achieving success on the track while pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability. The organizers expect over 200,000 visitors over the weekend.